Day 91 : How to stop squeaking doors

Once in a while, out of nowhere, you hear the irritating sound of doors. This squeaking sound is due to wood rubbing against wood. When that happens, all I can think of doing is close my hears with my hand. That squeaky and irritable sound is just too bad to hear. But when I found out there is one thing that can make the sound go, I jumped in to try. And I must say, it worked in no time.

All you have to do is lubricate the hinges. If you have a little oil nearby, you are done. Using a dropper add few drops of oil to the hinges. Be careful not to pour too much, just enough to oil the surface. Close and open the door a few times till you are sure the oil has reached into all of the hinge. I’m sure the sound would have gone by now. This always works for me!

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