Day 63 : How to fillet a fish

Fish is highly nutritious and is enjoyed by many around the world. They are rich sources of proteins, calcium and phosphorus. They are also highly rich in iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Fish is filled with omega -3 fatty acids which are highly beneficial to health. It is considered as a wonder food because of the various amount of nutrients and minerals present.

Many people find it difficult to eat fish because of its bones ( I.e. the thorns). An easy way to enjoy this super food is to fillet the fish. This way they are free of its bones and you can enjoy eating the fish. Many fish shops refuse to fillet the fish and give them as it is as a whole. That’s when your skill of filleting a fish comes into use. Also buying the whole fish is much cheaper than asking them to cut or fillet at an additional cost.

Below is a pictorial representation of filleting a fish. This has been taken from here.(original source)


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