Day 54 – FIFO method – a simple trick to waste less food

Many a times we find a lot of foodstuffs being wasted in our homes. Not because we do not want to eat it but because they might have spoilt due to lack of attention given to it. Even the things kept in the refrigerator has a specific life span. Freezer kept foods also undergo changes and can be consumed within specific time periods. This is highly unsatisfactory as we shouldn’t be wasting the precious foods available to us. Proper meal planning is highly essential in order to develop the “no food waste” habit. Another simple tip that I use is this – FIFO method.

FIFO stands for – First in, first out. It’s really simple.

The stuffs that you have stored first has to be consumed first. It’s like whatever has been kept in first in your refrigerator or pantry, that comes out first and then you store the newly bought staples behind it. This way the earlier bought produce gets utilized before the newly bought ones and this inturn reduces the foods from getting spoilt or expired.

What are the other tricks that you use to waste less food in your homes?! Let me know in the comments below.

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