Day 44 – How to revive wilted vegetables

Sometimes when my refrigerator is too full, I tend to forget what all veggies I have in stock. And when I finally realize I have some bunch of vegetables remaining, they are already wilted. Has this ever happened to you?!

The reason they lose their freshness and wilt is because of the loss of moisture. The water from the cell have been lost and hence they go limp.

Today’s post is how to revive wilted vegetables so that it can be used.

Fill a bowl with cold water. Add in some ice. The water must be really really cold. Add the vegetables. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes.
Remove from the water and dry.
Your veggies will be firm and fresh again. Use as required.

This can be done for a whole lot of veggies including lettuce, fresh herbs, carrots etc.

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