Day 29: Two easy ways to fold your socks

Organizing the cupboard is one of the most procrastinated task. But waking up to an organized one is a happy one. It feels really nice to see all your things arranged in a systematic way. There is at least one way to organize every single thing of your wardrobe. It’s high time we skip the dumping of clothes into the cupboard and try to be more organized. Yesterday my tutorial was on folding a t shirt. Wasn’t it easy?! Today I bring you two quick tutorials on folding another important element of daily usage – socks.

Socks can be pretty neatly folded in one of the two ways below. It helps to keep the pairs together and occupies less space.

Tutorial 1:

Lay out your socks one on top of another. Fold it in half. Insert your hand into one of them. Hold the edge of the other sock. Hold and pull your hand gently out, bringing the other edge along.

Tutorial 2:

Lay out your socks one on top of another. Roll it from the closed edge to the open edge. Hold one open sock edge and tuck the roll beneath it.

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