Day 23: Basic Indian Bread – Paratha

Paratha is one of the most loved Indian breads. Crispy and flaky, they are yummy to be consumed with gravies. They originated mainly in Kerala, hence also called Kerala paratha. In North India, they are called Lachha Parathas. The difference between these two is the flour. Kerala paratha uses only maida ( refined flour) whereas lachha paratha uses a mix of refined and whole wheat flour. Both are equally delicious. This post is on how to make a Kerala paratha.

2 cups maida ( refined flour)
3/4 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
4 tbsp oil + 1/3 cup oil
Water to knead the dough

Mix maida, sugar, salt and 4 tbsp oil. Add water and knead to form a dough. Cover and let it rest for an hour.

Make six equal sized balls of the dough.

Roll one ball of dough very thinly. Apply oil over it .

Now holding one end, lift the dough and start making pleats.

Hold the dough, twist it and and roll.

Repeat for all the dough balls.

Now roll it out into a paratha with rolling pin.

Heat a tawa and cook the paratha on medium flame.

Crush it with your palms to help the layers rise.

Serve hot with gravies.

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