100 days of Homemaking Skills Series: Day 13 – How to make a Smoothie

Smoothies are my favorite. They are like a mini meal – filling, nutritious and delicious. It’s a perfect solution when you are short of time. Just mix in some fruits and a base liquid and blend in a blender. Make it smooth and creamy and top with nuts. And you have a yummy little meal ready.

Put the following things in order into the blender and blend for 2 mins till smooth.

1. First add the liquid: This can be milk, coconut milk, iced tea, fruit juice, almond milk, green tea, coconut water or just plain water. Add this first into the blender. This makes it easy to blend all the ingredients.

2. Sweetener & Flavor : Add sugar or honey to sweeten your smoothie. To add a bit of flavor, you can add cinnamon, vanilla extract or some herbs.

3. Add fruits and leafy greens: Now comes the fun part. Try a whole lot of experiments by adding different combinations of fruits/ vegetables. Banana, apple, pear, berries, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, mango avocado, spinach, kale and carrot are just some of the options.

4. Thicken it up: Add a variation of peanut butter, yoghurt, ice cream, coconut cream, oats, chia seeds or ice cubes.

5. Power boost ( optional): For an extra powerful smoothie, add protein powder, flax seeds, Maca powder, probiotics etc.

Drrrrrr. Blend it and enjoy!!

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