100 days of Homemaking Skills Series

Homemaking is a really complicated word – a whole list of endless tasks to create a haven for our families and ourselves. It brings about a whole lot of hard work and efforts to be that perfect Homemaker, although it’s still far from perfect. To test your abilities on all the walks of creating a home, is the most difficult yet challenging work of a Homemaker. From cooking to cleaning, from planning to budgeting, from crafting to sewing – and everything in between – that’s what a Homemaker does.

I bring to you the 100 days of Homemaking Skills Series. A series of post to learning some of the homemaking Skills that will help to make our lives a little easier. I know, I am far from being that perfect Homemaker but still I strive each day to learn something new, and take some tiny inchy steps towards my Homemaking goals. No matter if you love homemaking or are rather too annoyed by that word, let this series help you to enjoy the process a little more or rather push you towards enjoying it.

This series is just about that. Learning some new things or brushing up things you already know. Stay with me and have fun! If there is anything you would like to be added in this series, do let me know!

Day 1 – How to Sew a Button

Day 2 – Folding a fitted sheet – an easy way!

Day 3 – How to cook the perfect rice

Day 4 – How to prepare a soup 

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  • I love this concept! Am lacking a lot of skills and breaking them into one a day isn’t too overwhelming. Will these be posted on the blog each day? Will it be emailed to subscribers? Thanks for the series!!

    • Thank you Becky! I will be posting daily on the blog so stay tuned. Also subscribers will get it in their mail daily so don’t forget to subscribe. I hope you have fun with this series.

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