How to store plastic bags

Last year when I was vacationing in India, I had been to a supermarket to buy some stuffs. After the bill was paid, I stood there waiting for someone to put all my purchased goods into a bag and hand it to me. I looked around to see if I could find a plastic bag myself and get going. But there was nothing on the counters to be found. I was a little annoyed as no one took notice of me standing there for quite some time. Then the lady at the cashier asked ” Do you need anything else, madam?” I said ” No, thank you. Can you just hand me a bag to put my stuffs”. She said, ” Oh! It will cost you additional Rs. 10. But depending on your items I think you will need two bags. So it will be Rs. 20″.

I looked at her surprised. Did she mean I have to pay her extra for asking a plastic bag. She then explained to me that plastic bags are banned in India and it had been three months since it started. I was a little embarrassed for my lack of knowledge. I paid for two bags and got my things home.

Life in the Emirates is completely different. One visit to the supermarket gets you loads of plastic bags, and yes, they are bio – degradable so nothing to worry at all. But storing these piles of bags is something to worry about. I found this art of neatly folding these bags on Pinterest and since then I have saved a lot of space at my home. My bags are now easy to store, looks better and compact. It’s easy while traveling as well – just toss 2-3 bags in your handbag and your done.
Here is a tutorial on how you can do it too.

Lay your bag out flat.

Fold it once lengthwise.

Fold it one more time.

Make a small triangle at the bottom

Continue folding in triangles till you reach the other end.

Now roll the handles and stuff it into the pocket.

It’s easy todo and will save you a lot of space.


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