Drawer Organizer from Cereal boxes

You know those times when you can’t find your favorite bracelet although you are damn sure you had tossed it into the dresser drawer the last time you wore it. Or the time when you arrive late to a party because you spent a whole half an hour searching for a clip for your scarf. Yeah yeah, I know that happens. It’s good to keep things arranged so that you can find them later. But it’s not very easy. Every time I arrange my accessories, within a few days it’s mysteriously messed up. ( ha ha not actually mysterious but yeah kind of πŸ˜‰).

So I decided it’s time to make an organizer for my drawer so that each set of things stays in it’s own place rather than getting jumbled up. I collected some empty cereal boxes and got going. Cereals, mainly corn flakes are an easy and healthy breakfast in our house on those lazy mornings. So I had a few boxes ready.

Things required:
Some empty cereal boxes
Adhesive wrap ( I got mine in wood color. You can use any colored wraps or even thick wrapping paper)
Glue gun

Firstly measure the depth of your drawer. Mine is about 4.2 inches.

Next, mark that depth on the boxes and cut them.

Now cover those cut boxes in the adhesive wrap.

Arrange your boxes in your drawer for that perfect look. Now get them out stick each of them to one another using glue.

Now insert it into your drawer and arrange all your accessories.

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