DIY : Mirror Makeover – Seashells Mirror

” She sells sea shells on the sea shore ”

When I was a child, I loved collecting sea shells. Like literally getting loads of them from the beach. Almost every week my dad used to take us to the beach and every single time we got a large amount of shells back home. A trip to the beach is incomplete if you don’t get the shells home šŸ˜‰ . That’s what I thought.

I got reminded of my childhood days while collecting sea shells for this project. Inspired by this, I decided to give my bathroom mirror a makeover. It really needed one as you can see. It had got rust from the sides and was badly yelling for a change.

Instead of replacing it with a new mirror ( which could have been easy) , I decided to put on my crafty hat and decorate it with sea shells.

This hid the spoilt parts of the mirror as well as gave a refreshing new look to it.

Things you need:

Lots of sea shells
Glue gun
A marker ( I used a chalk. It’s not really necessary to mark but I did it as it would help me get the shells aligned)

I started off by marking the width that I wanted for my border. I marked 1.5inches from the edge on all the four sides.

Apply glue on a small part and start sticking the shells.

This is how it looks after completion.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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