DIY : Embroidered Headphones

Does anyone here end up with tangled headphones every time you pull it out of your bag? Me, every single time. I don’t know what’s with this headphones thing. I mean, every time I neatly arrange it n toss it into my purse and next time when I get it out, it’s a tangled mess. This gets me frustrated to straighten it out. I had read somewhere that if you thicken your headphones, the chances of it getting tangled are less.

So I decided to give it a try.

I had these beautiful embroidery threads which I had got for a project. You can use any color. I had 5 of these pastel shades – dark pink, grey, sky blue, green and tomato pink. I cut mine into 20 inches each. You can cut them in any length depending on how much you want each color to be seen.

The stitch I’ve used here is called the Chinese staircase stitch. Lovely name and a lovely stitch. Very easy to master. It is basically a collection of knots that resembles a staircase. Below pictures will show you clearly how it is done.

And this is how you change colors.

Let some part of the first thread be underneath the second one and continue tying the knots. This will ensure that the thread doesn’t loosen out.

Continue the same for the entire headphones. When you have come to the end of the headphone, tie a very tight knot before cutting off the excess thread.

I hope to have untangled headphones from now on. 😀

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